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Wanted: Outliner with Tree-Wordcount

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Posted by Dr Andus
Nov 12, 2012 at 01:07 PM


Dr Andus wrote:
Nordwind wrote:
>I’m looking for a two-pane outliner for Windows, which hast not only a
>>word count for the current node, but also tree statistics (= the
>>cumulative wordcount of the current node and all sub-nodes/sub trees).
> >Scrivener for Windows can do this. You just need to enable the right
>kind of options. You can see the cumulative word count in the
>Scrivenings view, as well as in the Outline view. Plus it is displayed
>for whatever node you’re working on.

Having said that, I’m also wondering if there are any other two-pane outliners that can do this. This feature was one of the main reasons I went with Scrivener for my writing project. However, it would sound like a no-brainer type feature that one would expect any two-pane outliner to have (?)