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iPad Mini and outlining

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Posted by Dr Andus
Nov 5, 2012 at 05:46 PM


Ken wrote:
> Regarding Notebooks, it was one of the first
>programs that I bought, but it is one of the least used.

Same here. The hindrance for me was the hierarchical folder structure which made it more cumbersome to transfer content to the desktop. This is why I switched to Nebulous Notes as my main note-taking app, so I can sync with a single Dropbox folder, from which I import them into ConnectedText.

I suggested early on to the developer to have the ability to compile the contents of the sub-folders and export them into a single document (Scrivener-style), which could have turned it into a serious writing tool for me. (Haven’t checked recently, so I don’t know if it’s been implemented.)

>Carbonfin Outliner, however, is another story.  I like using it for outlines
>and durable checklists, and it like that it has a web verson that can sync with the iPad

Agreed. The web version is great to have. I notice that the Outline Pro people conveniently left that bit out from their unfavourable comparison: