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Celtx -- Anyone aware of this program?

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Posted by Dr Andus
Oct 20, 2012 at 11:48 AM


Dr Andus wrote:
>BTW, one arcane benefit of owning both StoryView 2.0 and Outline 4D (which are almost
>exactly the same) is that you are able to run two instances of the software (though not
>of the same file), which is not possible, if you only own one or the other.

It turns out you can in fact view the same file in both outline view and timeline (index card corkboard) view simultaneously in Outline 4D alone. With the extended desktop feature in Windows it means you can have your outline open in one monitor, and the corresponding “index cards” view open in a second monitor, with changes updated on both simultaneously.

This gives you two different simultaneous visualisations of your hierarchy: 1) in the traditional outline list form, and 2) as a top-down arrangement of index cards, with each outline item represented by a card, starting with level 1 item on the top. All outline items are represented in the corkboard, so none are hidden in stacks, as they are in SuperNoteCard or Scrivener (though if you have too many, they might only be represented by a sliver of a card, to fit them all in).

Can any other outliner do this, i.e. present a simultaneous view of both the linear outline and a spatial representation of all items (not just top level)? I can only think of ConnectedText’s Navigator window, but it can only be set up to emulate a two-pane outliner, while Outline 4D is a single-pane outliner (which I prefer for my current task).