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CRIMP Defined




Outliner/PIM roll call: Fall 2012

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Posted by Donovan
Oct 7, 2012 at 01:28 AM


I’m still using an old version of *GSNotes* (Golden Section Notes http://www.tgslabs.com/en/gsnotes/index.php )...used it for years. But, I’m seriously thinking about a switch to RightNote. It’s been awhile since GSNotes has been updated but there’s no bugs or anything and still does what I need. I like some of the RightNote export options better and it’s obviously still being developed.

I also use *CintaNotes* for to-dos and *NoteFrog PRO* for my main text dump. I absolutley LOVE the NoteFrog instant-database-as-html feature (don’t really know what to call it - it’s fairly unique in operation) here’s what a sample instant html looks like: http://notewindow.com/frog/x/demostack.html

I also use *‘Drafts’* a lot on my iPad. I use the “append to DropBox” function which is worth the small cost of the program in itself.

Finally, all of the above is used to eventually find a place in whatever I’m working on in *Scrivener*.

Good thread!