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Reinstalling Brainstorm

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Posted by Wolfgang
Oct 4, 2012 at 01:53 PM


Actually, brainstorm SW does run on my Windows 7 pro, but the problem is that when I enter my name and then copy the serial number in the field below and hit OK, these don’t remain in the fields but the program remains in trial mode. I am looking at all my old DVDs and data backup external hard disks to see if somehow my serial number is incorrect or incomplete, so far that seems not to be the case. It seems as if the program does not write the registration information to the install directory. It is heartbreaking and horrible because I use brainstorm SW every day.
Concerning the auto hoisting, I have also over the years sometimes wished I could turn it off, but it is still an incredibly useful feature. The other thing that makes brainstorm SW super useful is the ability to throw text to another location-a very efficient way to reorganise documents. The namesakes are also very credibly useful, and although other programs have links and replicates no other program has such quick and automatic way of doing this.
I use this program for storing certain data and numbers though the heavy lifting is really done by ultra recall although of course brainstorm can be run through ultra recall.
Brainstorm SW (along with MS Word) is the best program for wordsmithing—–-which is what single pane outliners are all about. Scrivener et al only allow you to type into a pane, but you cannot take a long paragraph break it up into single sentences rearrange the sentences and reassemble the paragraph. Scholarly scientific writing requires this and that is why brainstorm SW is the best program I found for writing.
I guess I will have to email where those running brainstorm SW now, but an uneasy about doing this.
JBfrom: I’m afraid I cannot make any sense of your suggestion; how will this help me in getting my serial number accepted by the software?