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Writing tools

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Apr 4, 2007 at 02:31 PM


In one of the recent previous topics, someone mentioned writing tools… as opposed to information/note management. Whizfolders seems to be gaining in popularity. No one has mentioned SuperNoteCard or Writer’s Blocks. I’m wondering if anyone uses these applications, and how useful they find them to be.

For actual composition, I still find myself using the plain text editor NoteTab. It’s clean look helps me focus on writing, and it has a very nimble editor—by nimble I mean it has full extended selection capability, making it easier to re-write and re-organize. I tend to do a lot of revising as I write, which is why I appreciate a nimble editor. But NoteTab is really a default choice, because I have not found any other editor that I like better. I have to say that I was drooling over the screen shots of Scrivener… If I were in the Mac world, I’d definitely give Scrivener a try. It seems to combine several different tools into one… with its notecard and outline functions. This is why I asked about SuperNoteCard and Writer’s Blocks, which are the two “index card” type programs that come to mind for the PC.

Steve Z.