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Outliner/PIM roll call: Fall 2012

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Sep 25, 2012 at 05:51 PM


Sorry to be a little late to the conversation. I was on vacation the last two weeks, and while I was reading the forum, I just couldn’t bring myself to write a long (winded) response.

My honor roll of applications has changed since last year, mostly due to finally getting comfortable with ConnectedText. Here’s the overview:

At my office, where I work on a PC:

1. ConnectedText for note-taking and daily journal.

2. TheBrain for planning and organization of various types of documents and files, especially project-specific information.

3. FileMaker for very structured information, such as customer mailing lists and time tracking.

4. Zoot for some specific information management tasks, such as logging of purchases and payments.

5. Noteliner for quick outlines and todo lists.

6. NoteTab for cleaning up text and when I just need a clean screen to write in.

On my MacBook, which I use for personal projects:

1. TheBrain

2. Scrivener

3. Tinderbox

4. MacJournal

5. OmniOutliner

6. Curio

Steve Z.