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A look back at the old outliners

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Posted by Foolness
Sep 17, 2012 at 03:46 AM


Normally this is true but since outliners and PIMs are sparse in Linux, most general distro makes it easy to install the actual widely used notetakers/outliners/wiki. Most of the ones mentioned just so happens to not be widely mentioned but they are only useful as proof of concept not actual mature/ongoing software.

hnb for example could sure use a direct cloud sync as there’s already a commandline looking web service like Holly https://hollyapp.com/ that could bypass the complication.

I didn’t really want to list all the well known PIM software for Linux such as Notecase as this is a specialist forum and I’ve taken for granted that most have heard of these but if we’re mentioning the commonly used software on Linux:

-Tomboy is still the most widely installed applet in Ubuntu-based distroes and it’s a pretty powerful yet simple wiki to start

-RedNotebook is more powerful than Notecase but since it’s beyond two pane, it’s more of a competitor to Outwiker albeit RedNotebook is supposed to be a journal

-Lyx is pretty simple enough to install and it’s trying to learn the simplified Latex that provides all the complications but it’s the closest Linux software to having Scrivener’s corkboard

-Basket Notepads is often compared to the OneNote of Linux but it is the most unique. For this reason, it is closest to the most powerful. For one thing the free space allows it to be a two pane, three pane, four pane outliner. The price is that it’s not compatible with every version of Linux but it’s also very exclusive to Linux. 

-Nevernote is the unstable clone of Evernote. It needs work but it at least seems to have an ongoing development due to the Evernote fanbase

Finally power for power, Treesheets is also available on Linux although you need to compile it.