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Posted by reverendmartian
Sep 6, 2012 at 03:23 PM


The dissertation on Proust had nothing at all to do with book-organization theory, much less book-organization software; remember this forum supposedly has to do with s-o-f-t-w-a-r-e. If someone wants to discuss the principles underlying Scrivener or StoryBook, that discussion would be relevant to this forum. If someone else wanted to share tips about the use of book-writing software, I would welcome such posts here.  If someone else wanted to compare and contrast the merits of book-writing software or outliners that can be put to that use that also would be salient and helpful. For example, Steve Z has written a series of articles which he has posted on his B-L-O-G that rate outliners. He could have easily posted those articles here, but since Steve gets it, since he is courteous, and since he is thoughtful, he posts links on this forum to his B-L-O-G when he has completed a new rating.

It’s called manners. (Thoughtfulness goes hand in hand with comprehensibility which is why I never ever have to scratch my head about what Steve writes.)

If someone has the compulsion, owing perhaps to a prolonged manic episode of a bi-polar disorder, to pick up the stratocaster and indulge in a really long 60’s heavy-metal guitar riff, I would implore them to record that performance on their own blog. It would save me from scrolling past the twaddle to arrive at the relevant.