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WorkFlowy Single Pane Outliner

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Sep 3, 2012 at 11:34 AM


As for limiting ourselves with two-pane outliners, I think you may be right. Two pane outliners parse information into sections be design. The “outline” part in one pane is really just for headings, while the information goes in the editor pane. This can be very useful, but is really more of a database model, where each record is a separate item. The single-pane outline can certainly parse information, as is indicated in the WorkFlowy video, but it also feels like a single, integrated document.

I’m not suggesting the two-pane outliner can not be used successfully to created integrated documents—just see Scrivener—but that I think you are right, Daly, that it does sometimes psychologically limit us—or at least it may limit me.

Nice topic!

Steve Z.