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CRIMP Defined




Workflow on Mac (Mountain Lion) for PhD Thesis

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Posted by Peter
Aug 16, 2012 at 07:21 PM


Steve, I forgot to thank you as well. My post was directed to you too (along with the rest of the forum). I’m on my way to check out the Scrivener forum now…

Oh and Jim, I take your point about using a single DT database with a select number of file but without indexing (at least for beginners). However part of my challenge is setting up the darn thing and locating the relevant files on my computer (and eventually an older computer that I haven’t used for while). I purchased the DevonSphere Express which searches the entire computer. However you can only select one file at a time to move! I complained to Devon and hopeful they’ll improve it to allow multiple file section (or include it in DT but I suppose that’s less likely). That way I can start building a well defined DT database.

Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>Peter wrote:
>> Thanks Steve, this is very helpful! The export feature you mention for
>Scrivener would certainly give it an advantage.
> >This Tinderbox feature was hinted
>at on the Scrivener forum (I believe). There seems to be a lot of communication and
>cooperation between the two developers, so I am hopeful this is indeed in the
> >For me, one of the biggest drawbacks of Tinderbox remains its arcane (to me,
>anyway) export functionality. I’ve even had a communication with Mark Bernstein
>(the developer) about it and he assures me it is easy, just a matter of creating some
>export templates. Still, I can’t quite get my head around it. Fortunately, it is
>pretty easy to export to plain text and I can usually make do with this. Still, a
>dedicated Scrivener export would be brilliant and make the two applications a
>perfect match.
> >Steve Z.