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CRIMP Defined




Workflow on Mac (Mountain Lion) for PhD Thesis

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Aug 14, 2012 at 11:37 AM



Have you read Steven Berlin Johnson’s article about how he uses DevonThink? It’s insightful:


If you haven’t explored its export capabilities, you’ll find that it is extremely easy to export data from DT for use in Scrivener.

Regarding Tinderbox, I find it a great resource when I feel a little lost in my data. You can use it to create a road map of your project, and not even worry about putting any of your research in it. (Note: I’ve never had a project as research-heavy or rigorous as a Ph.D. thesis, so I can’t comment about how all these tools work when you delve into a job like that.) Tinderbox can now import a Scrivener project directly, which is nice; but it will be especially nice when and if the promised export TO a Scrivener project is ready. That will make for Tinderbox/Scrivener nirvana.

Steve Z.