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CRIMP Defined




Reviews of OneNote vs. other outliners

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Posted by jellul
Jul 22, 2012 at 03:02 AM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:

>When I finish this iteration of reviews, I may, should I
>still have steam in the boilers, try a comparison with the antique outliners. That
>could be interesting.

Hey, as a bit of an antique myself, I would appreciate your continuing with the exercise. Thank you so much for doing this series of reviews.  It is interesting to see how well Inspiration holds up after all these years.  I contributed a few posts about it eleven(!) years ago on outliners.com but couldn’t keep up with the CRIMP arms race so have been mostly an interested lurker since then.  I’m looking forward with great anticipation to see how you appraise Scrivener in this context

If you do still have enough steam to revisit the antiques, I would love to see your appraisal for Ecco Pro as updated today with the Ecco Pro extension.  While it probably fails the modernity test in its exporting abilities, I have been amazed at how much this dedicated programmer “slangmgh” has souped up the capabilities of this supposedly extinct program.