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Posted by Donovan
Jul 7, 2012 at 05:26 PM


Thank you to all who have responded. Alexander and Dr. Andus, I appreciate the thoughts on Scrivener regarding clickable links and yes, your explanation makes perfect sense. Actually, it’s my own argument against bloatware that I was failing to see with Scrivener. Meaning, they are sticking to what they do best and I was the one arguing for more in this instance.

And yes, I was probably too harsh in my judgement of myBase based on their comments in the bits thread. Maybe I only wanted an excuse to not buy a license for myBase. Our minds work in funny ways when we know what we really want (or don’t want) but feel the need to justify it.

Stephen, Rightnote is feeling good to me as well. I like the moderate approach of finding a sweet spot between simplicity and complexity that doesn’t feel like too much has been thrown in - or left out.

Again, thanks for the input and I’ll lay low and trial what I have on my laptop for now. I will continue to read through past threads and archives and learn much of what has already been hashed and re-hashed here at the forum. Thanks so much to all who have taken time to respond. I’ll be back!