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Jot Plus Notes -- moribund

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Jun 23, 2012 at 10:36 PM


Hugh wrote:
>Moribund.com made me laugh.
> >But in all seriousness, doesn’t a developer have to
>have a very distinctive offering to make any headway in achieving sales beyond us
>crimpers today? And isn’t it likely that most if not all possible “niches” - to relapse
>into marketing speak - have been occupied? A new PIM with a little extra
>functionality, or even an upgraded old one, isn’t enough.
> >My guess is that the
>frontiers and opportunities are likely to lie in cloud collaboration - perhaps not so
>easy for small developers - or tablets - though even there the markets are already
>crowded* - or in some other more complicated use of technology that even now isn’t so
> >*Perhaps the MS Surface Pro with Windows 8 and pen functionality, a
>relative step forward for an iPad rival, is the exception that will prove the rule.

Hugh, you are undoubtedly right about most niches being filled… and yet… if someone were to reproduce GrandView for Windows and/or MORE for OSx I think they’d both find welcome markets.

Then look at Keith Blount. His Scrivener did not really break new ground as far as functionality for writing, except that he put it all together in one program. (And did so very thoughtfully and elegantly.)

Perhaps I’m whistling past the graveyard, but I’d hate to think we’d seen the end of smart, small developers breaking new ground and challenging the behemoths with innovative new applications.

Steve Z.