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What must-have software for a new mac owner can you recommend?

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Posted by Joshua Cearley
Jun 9, 2012 at 12:52 PM


CircusPonies’ Notebook is a very nice program; I haven’t seen many outlining tools that have a personality like it does, even if it doesn’t really support the “big” features from some tools like cloning.
Scrivener is nice for writing.
Vitamin-R is nice for tracking things you’re doing /right now/.
Mellel is pleasant to use, but you can do the same things in OpenOffice for cheaper (I sort of picked it up on a sale shortly before my mac died, and never could find a use for it. I’ve been told Mellel is very stable for curating several hundred page documents in.)
1Password is useful to keep around since the open-source KeePass does not work very well on the mac.