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Liquid Story Binder

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Posted by Joshua Cearley
Jun 9, 2012 at 12:41 PM


You can certainly put the reference markers in the text; however as was mentioned its more drafting software than anything else (Scrivener for Windows only has end-nodes, not footnotes.) Citation managers usually allow you to process an RTF file (Bookends for mac does, Zotero for windows does) so you can export finished text from LSB and either run it through a citation tool; if you want more control you’ll need better citation software or to use a Word/OpenOffice plugin and open it from there. In the case of Scrivener, the developer is very overt that the type of tool both of those apps are is for doing the bulk writing and then tossing in to a word processor for the final touches.


Wojciech wrote:
>Thanks, Pavi, it sounds encouragingly. After all, if I need references I can use
>Harvard style.