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Watership Planner

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Posted by Pavi
May 23, 2012 at 08:25 AM


Hi, I just looked at Watership planner after seeing the post on vertical monitor orientation. I didn’t expect such a polished, functional solution… WOW!

The developer has rewritten the interface since 2008, and Outlook sync for calender items has been added. Through some email with the developer, he explained how to manually sync Outlook tasks, and mentioned that he is creating Outlook buttons to open a mail/task inside Watership. I decided that trying to keep tasks in sync with Outlook to sync to Ultra Recall is simply a waste of time!

The planner provides:
Task manager
Project planner (tied to tasks if desired) - Entire project and milestone progress is shown
Calendar with automated scheduling - Daily and weekly overviews
Personal development - goal planning
Time tracker with comprehensive statistics

The ease of use of these modules and the strong linking of features is a huge strength. I haven’t tested enough for a full review, but I highly recommend this one to be demoed. I was very negative about software that micromanages time, ie. Achieve planner appeared too time consuming and cluttered to use. Watership streamlines the process, and is very intuitive. It also seems to make tracking personal goals and productivity very easy. Everything is customizable, such as views and color coding of various contexts.

I was previously holding on to using Ultra Recall linked to Outlook task folders for task managment and scheduling. Now I realize that a great program like this will enhance productivity greatly, and I feel relieved to abandon trying to keep everything archived in UR. Watership is being activity developed, with many new features rolling out. The only negative is a lack of good documentation, which hopefully will improve as well. A license is also $90 (including 1 year of upgrades, never expires), but you get what you pay for.

In short, this program is something that should appeal to our “community”, and has very strong features and ease of use. I strongly urge everyone to try it!

Best, /Pavi

Graham Rhind wrote:
>The developer has let me know that Outlook syncing is planned.
> >Graham