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Best PIM for project management?

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Posted by Dr Andus
Apr 23, 2012 at 04:49 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>Not that this is the answer you were looking for Dr Andus, but here’s an unorthodox
>suggestion for a project manager: Scrivener.
> >I haven’t yet really tried this in
>practice, I’ve just considered it in principle. I’ve put together a little PDF (using
>Clarify*) that shows how you might go about creating a project management project in

Thanks Steve, that is very creative! (What is Clarify, btw?)

Unfortunately my needs are slightly different. It is important for me to add dates, calculate durations, have a weekly view and manage hundreds of tasks, in order to plan and execute a tight 6 month project (the finishing of my PhD).

BTW, re MyInfo, I agree that the custom columns are very nice. However, given that managing long lists and hierarchies of to-dos within various sub-projects fast is important to me, I found the inserting of new tasks and indenting etc. just a bit too fiddly in comparison with MLO, which has become my gold standard in terms of ease of adding and manipulating tasks (and which also has a large selection of columns, though not customisable).

Interestingly MLO can do a lot of what Achieve Planner can do but on a single page, except the weekly planner, which seems to be AP’s major strength. I’m still trialling a few other apps.