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ConnectedText vs. Scrivener

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Posted by JBfrom
Apr 2, 2012 at 03:56 AM


Dr Andus wrote:
While I like this function in both, I find that their organisational logics have some psychological effects. Because Scrivener?s tree hierarchy is constantly in your face, it exerts some pressure on you to have to keep the entire structure and the hierarchical relationships constantly in mind. And naturally as the content changes, the hierarchy might become irrelevant, in which case it demands to be looked at. CT?s wiki logic in this sense is more easy-going, because by packing away a document it is sunk into an invisible depth, from where it can be recalled, however the overall structure doesn?t become a constant, nagging thing. So in this sense I can see how writing in CT can be a liberating experience.

Yep, exactly! Wikis beat outlines for longform text that requires coherent organization and extends beyond a few (maybe 10) pages.