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ConnectedText vs. Scrivener

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Posted by Dr Andus
Mar 6, 2012 at 06:01 PM


Hugh wrote:
>Steve, you haven’t asked for suggestions on this, and so it may be invidious to
>contribute, but anyway if it’s helpful here’s mine.
> >I’d use Word for this job.
>Currently there are no better tools for final editing of prose than its Comments and
>Track Changes features, in my view. (That’s not just my view, but also the view of
>several other writers of my acquaintance.) I’d probably “chunk” the 100 pages up with
>Scrivener, get the overall structure right and then export in rtf to handle the
>re-write in Word. To avoid the dreaded Word crash risk (although that’s probably now
>much-diminished or non-existent) I’d tackle only a few sections at a time. Finally
>I’d probably re-export in rtf to Scrivener to re-combine. (This all assumes there are
>few or no illustrations, or they could be added as a very late step.) Word in either its
>Mac or Windows manifestations would do, but I think the Windows version would be
>better in certain respects. (See David Hewson’s blog for his reasons.) That’s what I
>use Parallels on my Mac Mini for.

This reminds me of this previous thread we had on outliners for redacting text. I found Scrivener’s Ctrl+K split function pretty handy for breaking down the text into paragraphs and eliminating or reducing them one-by-one.