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ConnectedText; any case studies?

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Posted by Dr Andus
Mar 6, 2012 at 03:44 PM


Eduardo Mauro wrote:
>Dr Andus wrote:
>>I have only just begun exploring CT, so I apologise if this question
>is too basic. But if
>>you use CT as a writing tool (e.g. to write a book), and then you
>export it as a bunch of
>>.txt files, does it mean you have to then manually go and remove
>every single mark-up
>>from the text? That would seem to me like an awful big hassle…
>Is there any way of
>>avoiding that? 
> >Some users export the content of a project to
>HTML files and then import them in Word (or any other writing tool which accepts HTML).
>You can even export to a single HTML file. Nonetheless, some editing will be required
>but no markup commands will be present. 

Actually this issue turned out to be a lesser problem than I expected. Copy and paste from CT’s view window (as opposed to the edit window) straight into Word works reasonably well. Although the formatting, headings and bullet points are lost, I can live with that. Though I imagine if one had hundreds of topics, then a straightforward export into RTF (a la Scrivener) would be much preferable.