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Notes in one place - Wrong?

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Mar 4, 2012 at 02:11 PM



Thanks for the run down on the applications you use. Also, thanks for the great video of how to use your academic library file for ConnectedText.

My own list of applications is pretty convoluted, partly due to my multi platform existence, but also (much more so) due to CRIMP. Here it is:

At the office on a Windows PC—

- TheBrain (major repository of documents related to my job, project management hub)
- ConnectedText (main note taking and management application)
- FileMaker (managing customer database)
- Zoot (legacy data—I’m gradually using Zoot less and less, though I still admire it. I just find TheBrain and CT more enjoyable to use)
- Noteliner (for hammering out outlines)
- OneNote (using less and less now that I’m using TheBrain and CT more effectively, but still handy for capturing scanned images and sucking the text from them)

At home on my MacBook—

- TheBrain
- Tinderbox (for analyzing and thinking through projects and problems; keeping a day books)
- Scrivener (writing longer, more complex projects)
- MacJournal (writing one-off documents, journal)
- Bento (for structured data like tracking my reading list, collection data—syncs nicely with Bento app on my iPod Touch)
- DevonThink (my junk drawer for all stuff I want to keep, but don’t know where to put it)

For transferring data among my devices I use Evernote and TheBrain’s WebBrain service.

As convoluted as this appears, it is actually taking shape finally, thanks to TheBrain and ConnectedText. However, I think I’d trade them all in if I could get Tinderbox for Windows (with an adequate sync).

Steve Z.