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CRIMP Defined




Writing tools for complex storytelling

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Posted by Dr Andus
Feb 24, 2012 at 10:00 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>Dr Andus,
> >I’d still look at Scrivener to do this (with the caveat that I’m not sure
>Scriv for Windows is quite up to what I’m suggesting yet—though I’m sure the Mac
>version can do it).
> >Here’s what I would try:
> >1. Sketch out the structure of each
>strand, creating a document for each “piece,” whether it is a surface piece or not.
>Forget about hierarchy.
>2. In each document, write a short description.
>3. Use an
>alpha numeric code at the start of each document name to help you keep track. For
>instance, “2B” would be the second piece of the B strand. (I think this is important to
>make sure you can order them as you need. Although you might achieve the same thing with
>keywords and labels.T)
>4. You can then use the Scrivenings mode to see the entire
>“story.” From here you can fill out those pieces you want to be on the surface. You can
>also use labels and keywords to further classify items.
>5. You can then use
>collections (i.e. saved searches) to separate out the strands if you want to view them
>in isolation.
> >Does that sound like it makes sense?
> >Steve Z. 

Thanks Steve, I will give it a go and see if it can be done. I wanted to figure out what the Collections are for anyway.