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Writing tools for complex storytelling

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Feb 24, 2012 at 03:58 PM


Dr Andus,

I’d still look at Scrivener to do this (with the caveat that I’m not sure Scriv for Windows is quite up to what I’m suggesting yet—though I’m sure the Mac version can do it).

Here’s what I would try:

1. Sketch out the structure of each strand, creating a document for each “piece,” whether it is a surface piece or not. Forget about hierarchy.
2. In each document, write a short description.
3. Use an alpha numeric code at the start of each document name to help you keep track. For instance, “2B” would be the second piece of the B strand. (I think this is important to make sure you can order them as you need. Although you might achieve the same thing with keywords and labels.T)
4. You can then use the Scrivenings mode to see the entire “story.” From here you can fill out those pieces you want to be on the surface. You can also use labels and keywords to further classify items.
5. You can then use collections (i.e. saved searches) to separate out the strands if you want to view them in isolation.

Does that sound like it makes sense?

Steve Z.