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NoteTab for note-taking

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Posted by Dr Andus
Jan 16, 2012 at 02:48 PM


MadaboutDana wrote:
>Yes, there is indeed a way to combine multiple notes in a single
>document, by tapping on the title of a notebook and then tapping the ‘Combine Notes’
>option. I confess I’ve never tried it (it’s not something I’ve ever needed to do), but
>I’d suggest creating a test notebook or two plus a few test notes and seeing what
>happens if you do “combine” them. And/or, of course, consulting Alfons’s
>comprehensive help files (also on his website).

The “Combine Notes” feature in Notebooks for iPad works very well. However, it only combines the notes within a given “book,” i.e. within a given folder or hierarchy level. This is OK for merging notes. However, in my view what would be really great is if one could merge all the books (folders or hierarchy levels) and all the notes into a single document, just like Scrivener or Whizfolders do. That would transform Notebooks for iPad from a note-taking software into a powerful writing software. You could literally write an entire book on it while on the go. It would be also great for research as notes and data could be preserved within their original place in the overall hierarchy. Unfortunately not enough people seem to be requesting this feature. But as a Scrivener/Whizfolders user, to me the benefits of this are very clear.