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WhizFolders vs Scrivener for Windows

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Posted by Jon Polish
Dec 19, 2011 at 03:08 PM


Just an update on my experience with Scrivener.

1. I have gotten the RTF parsing issue reported in Scrivener’s forums. It prevents the opening of your project. After repeated tries, my project finally opened with no apparent data loss. I do not know if I was lucky to have it open finally, but the potential to be locked out is worrisome. Yes, I know that the project is saved as easily accessible rtf and txt files, but you need to recreate your work flow in another program which can be time consuming.

2. Undo in Scrivener is very basic. It seems that it is limited to one level, and does not always work as expected.

3. I have experienced the loss of information in index cards. This seems sporadic, and has been reported on the forums. It does not appear to be linked to usre error. One type of data loss in the index cards is repeatable. Drag text from the document to the index card. Delete the highlighted text you dragged from its original location in the document. Go to another document in the binder. Return to the previous document and see that the text in the index card is no longer there.

I am sure the developers will get this sorted out, but it is disconcerting. I am transferring my project to WhizFolders for now.