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WhizFolders vs Scrivener for Windows

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Posted by Jon Polish
Dec 7, 2011 at 06:49 PM


Dr Andus wrote:
>Jon Polish wrote:
>Adding images and other files seems to slow down the whole of WF, while in Scrivener it
>only slows down the given document its embedded in. This was a big enough reason that I
>stopped capturing even the smallest of charts in WF;
>4) The corkboard is a big plus
>because it does something to your brain when you use it. Basically it allows you to
>imagine and understand the text in a different material form, as chunks, index cards
>etc. It’s hard to explain the actual effect but I find it very useful for overall
>structuring of a document or an argument.
> >On the other hand WF Deluxe can do
>hoisting, so that’s another plus for WF.

I am aware of the slowdown that you are warned about in WF’s documentation, but have not experienced it enough to be concerned. I did encounter slow-downs to the extent that I thought WF was frozen, but that was with earlier versions (and because this was a while ago, less powerful hardware).

I agree about the cork board. It is a great feature.

Hoisting is needed in Scrivener. WF has improved its implementation so that you can now hoist sub level topics. The fact that you can view your entire outline and edit individual sections in-line or externally with the WF editor is very nice too.