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WhizFolders vs Scrivener for Windows

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Posted by Jon Polish
Nov 29, 2011 at 01:26 PM


Dr Andus wrote:
>And there is also the issue of cost/benefit. Given the price of the de lux version of
>Whizfolders (or at least what I paid for it), I wasn’t compelled to keep getting it
>upgraded. The new licensing regime doesn’t quite work for me. On the other hand
>Scrivener just seemed like excellent value for money.

As I said earlier, I have a license for both programs. This includes the current version of WhizFolders. Like you, I had not upgraded for about five years, but when I learned that the upgrade was $24.00, it seemed like a fair deal.

Scrivener is very compelling, and I appreciate your input. WhizFolders has some features (OLE for one) that are useful to me, but I already use UR extensively, so WhizFolders may prove redundant. Still, the editor in WF is quite good and the ability to have multiple documents open at once is beneficial. I am really enamored with Scrivener’s Snapshot feature. Did you know that WhizFolders has a similar feature named “View Changed Notes Archive?” Also, the most maddening quirk for me, the way WF started and terminated, has been changed.

I admit to still being undecided, but leaning toward Scrivener.