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WhizFolders vs Scrivener for Windows

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Nov 28, 2011 at 06:20 PM



I’m more familiar with Scrivener than with Whizfolders, although I have a license for both and have used both, so I hope my thoughts will prove helpful.

I would choose Scrivener over Whizfolders in a heart beat. I can’t think of anything Whizfolders can do that Scrivener can’t, but I can think of a lot that Scrivener can do that Whizfolders can’t. Namely:

Scrivener has a cork board view, which is handy for brainstorming and planning your work.

Scrivener has an outliner view, not super powerful, but not bad.

Scrivener has the scrivenings view, which allows you all or selected documents in your project in one single, flowing window. This is a very fine feature for writers, because it allows you to judge how your material flows. (Whizfolders has a similar feature, but it feels much more cumbersome to me.)

Scrivener allows you to attach synopses to your documents.

Scrivener allows you to attach various pieces of meta data to your entries (in Whizfolders you can attach keywords, but I believe that’s all).

Beyond this, I find Scrivener so much more user friendly. Whizfolders has two different editing modes. The interface feels cluttered in Whizfolders. I’ve always wanted to like Whizfolders, having bought a license seven or eight years ago, but even before Scrivener came along I had abandoned it because it never felt very intuitive.

Steve Z.