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outlining in the left pane, text in the right?

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Posted by Lucas
Nov 19, 2011 at 02:09 PM


In the past, I used Mori for this sort of outlining and found it well suited. Both folders and notes can be hierarchically organized, and you can used the app’s “Widescreen Layout” to get to the sort of set-up you’re looking for. There are export options, but I don’t know know whether they would fit your needs. Development has been scarce and erratic in recent years, but you can try Mori for free.

Tinderbox’s Explorer view is my currently preferred solution.

Regarding Scrivener, it does have keyboard commands for basic rearranging of the outline, and I also recommend Keyboard Maestro for setting up your own keyboard commands in any app.

And of course there’s always all the Windows apps that you could run via Parallels (or VMWare Fusion or VirtualBox).