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Biblioscape 9 - the end of searching ?

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Posted by Glen Coulthard
Nov 17, 2011 at 03:26 PM


I use Citavi as a bibliograhic referencing tool, not a writing tool. Therefore, in this workflow approach, I use it similar to how I used to work with Biblioscape and EndNote. I collect my references and extract knowledge items and notes within a single Citavi project. However, when I write, I use Word (or, more recently, Scrivener) to insert citations from Citavi. I am not creating a separate Citavi project for each writing project. The only difficulty right now is that I have to save my Word or Scrivener projects as RTF files and then run them through the Citavi Publication Formatter to have the citation codes and bibliography generated/compiled using APA 6 format. Not a big deal, but EndNote is much smoother for the actual writing/generation part.