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Debunking the "1,000 hours of practice" myth

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Posted by Dr Andus
Nov 12, 2011 at 02:53 PM


Dr Andus wrote:

>It would have
>been nice if something at the level of software could have prompted this reflexivity.
>E.g. a “Stuck?” button in Scrivener, which could ask a few simple questions and then
>suggest “Have you tried creating a visual model of your outline? Try using two
>monitors. Don’t forget to model the process that helped you overcome your writer’s
>block and save it here.” Stuff like that… 

I suppose what I’m advocating is some kind of an intelligent innovation model where users’ experiences are directly fed back into some kind of a knowledge base that is fully integrated with the software itself, so interesting ideas about how to use the software productively are readily available, rather than having to wade through online knowledge databases or lurk in user forums (not that I don’t enjoy lurking here :). It would be just quicker if the software offered some intelligent solutions that are specific to the problem.