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Scrivener for Windows versus Writing outliner add-in for MS Word

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Posted by Dr Andus
Nov 8, 2011 at 10:28 PM


I think the Scrivener forum advice for EndNote makes it sound a bit more complicated and onerous than it actually is. For me with EndNote it works like this:

1. I write in Scrivener. I realise I need a citation.
2. I go over to EndNote, select the citation, right-click and choose “Copy” (and not “Copy Formatted”) and then past the citation into Scrivener as e.g. {Bell, 1973 #7}. Then I just carry on writing.
3. When I’m finished with writing in Scrivener, I compile (i.e. export) the whole project as an RTF file.
4. I open RTF in Word, and the code still looks like {Bell, 1973 #7}.
5. I go to to the EndNote add-on tab in Word and click on ?Update Citations and Bibliography.” In an instant, the raw code is converted into formatted code according to the selected bibliographic style, so {Bell, 1973 #7} has now changed to (Bell 1973) and there is now a bibliography at the end of the Word document, showing Bell, D. (1973). The Coming of Post-Industrial Society. Harmondsworth: Penguin.

And that’s it! There are of course additional tricks in that Scrivener forum advice if you want to remove either the author or the date or add page numbers or add additional text to the citation such as (see e.g. Bell 1973) etc. But this can also be done at the end, in the Word document, if you find that easier.