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Scrivener for Windows versus Writing outliner add-in for MS Word

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Posted by Dr Andus
Nov 3, 2011 at 08:29 PM


Mitchell Kastner wrote:
>I purchased a license for Scrivener after I read the (ungainly) work around for using
>Endnote within Scrivener. After reading Pavi’s post about how Mendeley will
>correctly format subsequent citations to the same source after the embedded Word
>documents are merged, I am concerned that Endnote will do likewise when the Scrivener
>documents are merged into an RTF file. Do you have any experience with Endnote
>correctly formatting subsequent citations into an RTF that has been merged from
>Scrivener documents?

I’ve only gone through the process once but I can’t see there being a problem. When you export your documents from Scrivener, it will put them into a single RTF file, where the EndNote code is still raw. As the formatting of the EndNote citations will happen in Word, I don’t envision any formatting problems. Obviously you may have to manually exclude authors or dates or add page numbers or other desired notations where necessary but that shouldn’t affect the style of the citation.