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CRIMP Defined




Not-Standardized Project Management : IQTELL, Directory Opus, etc.

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Posted by Fredy
Nov 2, 2011 at 12:40 PM


I forgot to include this remark again and again, so it’ll have its post of its own now :

I’ve spoken of “room to breathe” while writing / thinking / constructing anything / elaborating on something, citing mind managers that allow for exactly, citing UR that hinders that imo (and people say UR’s not the ideal prog for the final draft - it’s “that bulk behind, always present in your mind at least” that makes them flee that prog for the final, real thing, for their “real production”, imo : it’s their subconscious, and rightly so, it’s certainly not the limitations of UR’s editor, which ain’t that monstruously crippled after all).

You’ll remember that just in the last days, in this forum, there were many posts of people reporting just that phenomenon : They said they use prog xyz for information gathering, etc., and then, for the real work, for really WRITING their works, they put the core material into another prog, e.g. Scrivener or whatever. Without them calling it by its name, their need is to leave all the non-core things behind, in order to get, finally, some room for thinking, and within traditional outliners with their “all your stuff in one big bag” concept, that seems to be as impossible to them, as it is to me, hence the necessity to create a lighter system, but providing for all the material in your demand, the moment you’ll ask for it, and not anytime ; hence the need for a superposed super-system, an overlay system, a “zero level” (consisting of several levels in itself, since we’re speaking of a zero level system being able to contain many different such “projects” or whatever in the same time, at acceptable availability notices) -

my expositions in the MI / PB / UR forums and here, during the last several years, were nothing more than pleading for such an overlaid super system, and since there isn’t any, your posts here in the kind of “First, I use this prog, and then another, and sometimes I go back, and then I treat the underlying outline in a third prog, and then again re-import, and-so-on ad infinitum.

It’s time some developers having the necessary programmin capabilities try to realize what I’m dreaming of, especially since it would incredibly serve the man of letters as well as the 100 k staff corporation : there’s fortune in it.