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Biblioscape 9 - the end of searching ?

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Posted by Haim At IQTELL
Oct 31, 2011 at 03:58 PM



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maties wrote:
>The new Biblioscape 9 is available.
> >I think it could replace many programs which are
>discussed here and it could stop my endless search.
>I have tried software over years
>and it was frustrating.
>I was never satisfied with all the products.
>There were only
>some exceptions: Devonthink, Scrivener, Biblioscape
>Devonthink is great, but it
>has also weak points.
>Now I have tried Biblioscape 9 , and surprise surprise .... yes
>it could be the solution.
> >What do you think about the new Biblioscape 9 ?