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Reflexive outlining with several outliners

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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Oct 19, 2011 at 04:58 PM


Dr Andus wrote:
>simultaneously to the Scrivener-Bonsai mirroring, I’m constructing yet
>another version of the exact same outline in Storybook, which allows yet another way
>of visualising the outline.

Overall I’m impressed; I have a couple of practical questions:

- Is there a non-manual way to transfer the outline from Scrivener to Bonsai; e.g. as tab-indented text, OPML or whatever?

- Can you explain how you construct the _outline_ in Storybook? With the Stoybook info types I would expect that you can get 3-4 levels max, i.e. parts, chapters and scenes, plus the parallel strands, is this enough for you?