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Evernote + Scrivener to write a book?

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Posted by Vincek
Oct 15, 2011 at 05:31 PM


Franz, Thanks for feedback that importing 10 files does not cause problems.  I can experiment with larger numbers.

Hugh,  Thanks for pointing me to the tutorial.  I tried it and found it needs cleaning up, so I will wait until Scrivener for Windows v 1.0 is realsed on Oct 31 to do major dive.

Yes, I am planning a non-fiction book.  Thanks for outlining suggestion. Scrivener seems ideally suited to an iterative writing process. The manual even has a reference to GROWING a book, rather than simply writing a book.  I will also watch for file size bloat that slows down the program.

Dr. Andus, thanks for your suggestion of an intermediate SW program.  I will keep in mind and hope I can simplify this as much as possible.

Alexander,  agree that I need to stick with a software setup once I get started.  That is why all your feedback is invaluable in helping me before I sink a lot of time into a possible solution that will not work.

Also agree with your POV re needing to think about this as workflow solution for writing.  Actually the more I think about it, this is a workflow solution for life, not just for writing a book.  Evernote tag/search capabilities bring potential to do away with much need for hierarchical structure, thinking, and workflow.

Until now, the world has necessarily been organized around hierarchies. This is no longer a limitation in a digital world. For further elaboration, read Everything is Miscellaneous by Dave Winer.

So far all your input reinforces my thinking that Evernote + Scrivener will be a great combo! Thanks all for very helpful feedback.