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Evernote + Scrivener to write a book?

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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Oct 13, 2011 at 09:37 PM


Vince, I have very little experience with Scrivener, but it clearly fits the bill of a writing oriented program that I suggested could complement Evernote (in the other thread). It sounds like an excellent match. Thereon, writing is a very personal thing, so you should play around with Scrivener to make sure you feel comfortable using it.

Another half suggestion from my part as well: once you start putting material into your software setup, stick with that setup until you finish the book.

I would also second Hugh’s proposed workflow. In my MBA dissertation—equivalent to a relatively small book- I replicated the thematic structure in Surfulater which I used for research and in Brainstorm which I used for writing (given the choices now available I would not suggest this combination, though Surfulater is at least as capable in clipping from the web as Evernote, and much more capable in organising). This proved a very useful approach; as Hugh pointed out, the outline is made to be changed, but the advantage is that one is improving the concepts whether researching or writing—a kind of double feedback loop as I imagine JBfrom would call it…