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Evernote + Scrivener to write a book?

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Posted by Vincek
Oct 13, 2011 at 06:17 PM


This post is a followup to another post from a few days ago http://www.outlinersoftware.com/topics/viewt/3256/0/a-theory-of-outliner-software-market-development

I would appreciate tapping the wisdom of this group in reacting to the patchwork solution I am zeroing in on to write my book.  Will my proposed solution work smoothly?  am I missing anything?

Here is what I am seeing as a solution:

* Capture research information in multiple notes using Evernote.  Evernote has ability to capture text, graphics, pdf, etc.  There will be hundreds of notes that will be the research to support my book.

* Export individual Evernote notes to .html files.  Evernote has the ability to export multiple individual notes as indivual html files.  Evernote provides the capability of selecting specific notes for export.

* Import these .html files to Scrivener for Windows.  In playing around with Scrivener so far, I tried importing 3 .html files simultaneously as a test.  This was a test, so I am assuming Scrivener would not hiccup in being able import hundreds of html notes originating from Evernote. 

* Use Scrivener to 1) filter and organize the notes, 2) as needed use the research to create an outline and write text for the book.  fyi, Scrivener for Windows has been in beta for about a year, but is scheduled for a v 1.0 release on October 31.

Can you help me spot any problems before I spend many hours learning the software and reading the 200 page user manual for Scrivener?

* Will this solution work? am I missing anything?
* can you spot any problems that I am not anticipating
* Can you suggest other options?

Much appreciated,

Vince Kuraitis