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Outliner/PIM roll call: Fall 2011

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Sep 24, 2011 at 07:25 PM


I live in the world of a Windows PC at work and a MacBook for personal use. Here are the information management applications I use most:

Work (Windows):
- PersonalBrain for general information management and my “commonplace” book, because I keep a version on my MacBook and can sync my databases easily.
- Zoot for capturing bits of information that crop up all day long (phone numbers, registrations, etc.), also makes for a good tool for tracking purchases (which I have to make frequently for my job).
- Noteliner for outlining, brainstorming.
- OneNote, which is a bit redundant to PersonalBrain, but I find that OneNote is great for some things PB is not good at and vice versa.
- NoteTab for writing
- Currently exploring the idea of shifting information from Zoot to ConnectedText

Personal (Mac):
- PersonalBrain (see above)
- Tinderbox for creativity, analysis
- DevonThink for random bits of information (registrations)
- Scrivener for writing longer pieces
- DayOne for snippet journaling
- MacJournal for full journaling, one-up writing

Steve Z.