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CRIMP Defined




Outliner/PIM roll call: Fall 2011

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Posted by Franz Grieser
Sep 24, 2011 at 05:39 PM


My setup:

* OpenOffice.org Writer with Duden Korrektor (the best German spellchecker) for everything I write, format, print or export to PDF
* Word 2007 for articles and books I write and pre-format for my publishing house
* Scrivener for Windows and Mac for a series of short novels
* Scrivener for Windows for a new book on creativity

Autocorrection, boilerplate…
* PhraseExpress

Info collection
* OneNote 2007 for the projects I started in the last years
* Evernote for new projects and for projects that I work on on several PCs
* InfoSelect - one legacy database, which will be dumped soon, however

Web page collection:
* Evernote

Outlining and brainstorming
* Noteliner
* XMind

E-Mail, calendar, address book
* OUtlook

Todo list, project planning and project tracking
* OpenOffice.org Calc
* Goalscape

Data exchange
* Dropbox

For a new project I will try Personal Brain.

First I thought a wiki system based on ConnectedText might be a nice tool. But I find it too cumbersome to switch between editing and viewing mode , to have to insert double CR/LFs at the end of each paragraph (and remove them again when reimporting into my word processor) and to insert the markup commands.

All I need (ha, how modest) is a tool that lets me enter or import notes, link to documents on my hard disk (or my Dropbox folder), lay them out visually, arrange them freely, link them, format them, export all or part of the notes. Something like Tinderbox or Curio - but it has to be on Windows as I will work on the project on my Windows machines not on the Mac.