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Re: Wiki notetaking in ConnectedText, & wiki Brainstorm?

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Posted by jackcrawford
2006-02-18 22:43:00


I guess I share Daly’s puzzlement at the usage of Wiki applications.

My concern isn’t entering the text (as Manfred points out it is something that can be learned), it is using and retrieving the information stored in a Wiki-based app.

Recently, I was helping my son with a school project on Albert Einstein.  I looked at the Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein)  but there were so many hyperlinks, it made his story and achievements very difficult to navigate.  You could get completely lost in an endless web of connected information.

I assume there is a point at which wikis become more trouble than the’re worth and they end up creating a mass of organized but fragmented information. 

How do you maintain overview and control - those trusty old time management principles?



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