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Re: Wiki notetaking in ConnectedText, & wiki Brainstorm?

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Posted by szeoli
2006-02-18 14:50:09


> Steve, Manfred, et al: I must be dense, because I don’t get the point of wiki-like applications. To me they seem like a step backward. What am I missing?


I can’t answer your question through experience, because I have yet to actually use one of these applications for anything real. Once I really put one or two of them to the test, I may decide they are not for me. But I will tell you what appeals to me about wiki-PIMs as far as my tiny knowledge of them exists.

I have decided that typical hierarchical databases just don’t work for me. The tree-structure too quickly gets overwhelmingly crowded and I find myself shying away from them. What I see in a wiki app is a collection of notes, the structure of which grows organically, not in a linear way like an outline, but in a web.

I am also attracted to the simplicity of these programs. As I have watched the development of ADM, for instance, I have become more and more repelled by the seemingly complicated user interface and controls.

Perhaps this is a step backward, but backward isn’t always bad.

Then again, this whole thing may be an excuse to exercise my CRIMP. We’ll see.

Steve Z.


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