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Re: What happened to today's messages?

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Note: This message is from the outliners.com archive kindly provided by Dave Winer.

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Posted by 100341.2151
2006-02-18 02:00:16


Steve Z. -

> These notes disappeared and there’s no indication they were ever here. Weird. Or maybe I imagined them.

No, you didn’t :-). There were two more. One from Steve C. to me, and my response to him. I don’t have Steve’s original message, but it was about my failure to replicate his problem with NoteMap, his upcoming move to XP, and his offer to send me his modified GV help file. My response was:

“Steve -

> Re: Notemap: Maybe the behavior I described and you haven’t been able to duplicate arises because I am still running Win 98SE.

Maybe I misunderstood you. However, no-one else has spoken up, so we can postpone further investigations until you move to XP :-).

> (I’m about to bite the bullet & buy a new laptop with Win XP, but haven’t decided yet on a processor.)

If you run GV under XP you will find the new DOSBox less easy to use for cutting and pasting than the WIN98 one, IMHO. Apart from that, most of my remaining DOS programs - apart from Papyrus - seem to run pretty smoothly. I currently use a Thinkpad A31 with 2.0Gh processor and about 780 RAM. It was from an IBM end-of-line sale. It seems enough for everything I use - so far.

> Re: GrandView: AS you seem to be running GV fairly often,perhaps you would like to see my GV Help file, which includes some work-arounds, etc.?

Yes, please. I’d very much like to see your help file.



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