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Re: Wiki notetaking in ConnectedText, & wiki Brainstorm?

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Posted by srdiamond15
2006-02-17 21:54:40


Manfred & Steven,

It seems to me that using a wiki has to be an art. You kind need a knack for it; and maybe the subject matter has to be suitable. I have yet to try it, so this is just my preliminary speculation. But the reason I say that it must require a knack—that it is inherently _harder_ than outlining, is that in the universe, of course, everything is _somehow_ related to everything. The user has to exercise judgment as to just how much relationship he finds worthy of taking note.

It seems to me that wikis would be very susceptible to problems of *over*-connecting things. If As is connected to B and B is connected to C, is A connected to C? And any tendency the user has to over-connect things will create more chaos the larger the database gets. If you have a group of connected things and then double the size, the growth in number of connections is exponential, assuming that the two groups are equally connected within and without. I think… Anyway, it’s a steeper growth of connections than of connected objects.

Stephen R. Diamond


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