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any software/tool/trick that you believe everyone needs to use?

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Posted by Dellu
Jun 14, 2018 at 02:58 PM


If you are a Mac user and never use Keyboard Maestro, my attitude is you are missing big time. it simplifies my life on so many levels that I find it hard to believe that I have spent many years without it.

I felt the same with the Directory Opus when I used to have Windows.

Do you guys have any software/tool/method/trick that you helped you so much that you are under the impression that non-users are missing out?


Posted by Lucas
Jun 14, 2018 at 04:17 PM


On Mac:

I agree that Keyboard Maestro is indispensable.

By far the most helpful and valuable software that I use is Tinderbox, which I would recommend to any Mac user who isn’t averse to a bit of tinkering.

(I also continue to rely on The Hit List, not so much for tasks, but for quickly recording bits of tagged information. It’s implementation of keyboard-centric manipulation of tags and folders is without equal, although searching my large database is quite slow.)

But perhaps more to the point in terms of the question being posed, the most essential 3rd-party utilities for me on Mac are:

—Something to enable true (Windows-like) maximization of windows. (I have BetterTouchTool configured for this purpose, but there are many other options.)

—An app launcher that adapts to my work-flow (I’m currently using the free version of Alfred).

—A browser chooser (I currently use Browser ChooserX, although I’m nostalgic for MultiBrowser).

—A clipboard history manager (I use CopyLess Lite).

—AppBeBack (to see a list of most recently closed apps—useful when I accidentally close the wrong window with the pointer and am not sure which window I closed).

—Easy Screen OCR (for extracting text from images).

—Typeeto (used only occasionally—for typing quickly on iPhone from Mac).


Posted by satis
Jun 14, 2018 at 07:15 PM


Lucas wrote:
On Mac:
> >
>—A clipboard history manager (I use CopyLess Lite).

After the multi-clipboard app PTH_Pasteboard bit the dust (resurrected by the dev, years later, as PasteBot) I used CopyLess when it had a different name, then was upgraded into the current name/version for free.

But I decided I preferred Copy ‘Em Paste and switched to it a couple of years ago. It does everything the full version of CopyLess does and more (like editing of items while in the clipboard, or an extremely useful screenshot-to-RAM utility).


The only multiple clipboard app I’ve seen that matches it is PasteBot.


Posted by Paul Korm
Jun 14, 2018 at 09:49 PM


For utilities, I probably use Typinator and BetterTouchTool more than any other.  Copied is a good one too.  And Yoink.  And SnagIt.

For bigger non-utility software DEVONthink is by far the most useful.  Tinderbox is also great.

I really like Agenda but I haven’t sorted out the best way to use it yet.


Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Jun 14, 2018 at 10:59 PM


Here’s a confession (to myself as much as to you all):

An app that I use and rely upon way more often than I want to admit is Evernote. I keep saying I don’t like it—and that is true. Mostly because the interface is different on every device I use it on: Windows PC, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, through the browser. I often find myself staring at the screen trying to figure out how to actually create a new note. However, it is so easy to forward an email or clip text into Evernote on my PC at work or my MacBook at home, that I just keep using it. Also, when someone gives me a business card, I simply snap a picture through Evernote, and the app even parses the data into contact information.

And damn if it isn’t easy to find the information months or even years later on whichever device I’m using.

As much as I’ve tried to wean myself off Evernote, it just hasn’t happened.

Egg-faced in Vermont


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