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Unorthodox/clever software usage?

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Mar 12, 2018 at 01:22 PM


I agree with Bill. All the various developers who contribute to this forum do so with sensitivity to overly promoting their products. Their insights add immensely to the forum and I hope we never discourage their participation.

Steve Z.

MadaboutDana wrote:
Did you mean Andy’s post about HyperPlan, Daly? I don’t think that’s
>quite fair: Andy contributes a fair amount to the forum, and his
>contribution in this case produced an interesting reply from washere. Or
>were you talking about something else?
> >I think blatant, out-and-out advertising is irritating, but this forum
>attracts some really interesting stuff from independent developers (e.g.
>SheetPlanner) which we wouldn’t otherwise hear about. So it acts as a
>visibility-boosting platform for them, and a CRIMP-itching opportunity
>for us. And a useful feedback opportunity for the more switched-on
>developers as well (e.g. Pierre).
> >Don’t you agree?
> >Cheers,


Posted by Paul Korm
Mar 12, 2018 at 03:14 PM


I’m guessing it’s not Andy posting that is an issue, but what gets embedded in the posts here sometimes.  If you’re not using a content blocker you see an advert.  Different one every time the page refreshes.  All the ads look to me like scams.


Posted by Chris Murtland
Mar 12, 2018 at 05:08 PM


I usually get software-related ads or things related to any recent (non DuckDuckGo) web searches if I turn off my ad blocker. The Google ads are targeted to each user. However, if there is something offensive or the placement of ads is problematic, I can attempt to adjust the settings.


Posted by washere
Mar 12, 2018 at 07:00 PM


In Instagram, switching accounts is easy. Can follow one’s other multi private accounts to get quick access too.

TreeSheets (free) is quite good at multi use, can pretty much create any chart or card based system, etc. Most play a little while but give up as the basic commands are unusual. But only need a few to get going.

emailing oneself photos of passports, tickets, documents etc before travel is good. Can password protect in a zip file for safety.

I’ve used unopened self-emails to myself as reminders a few times. Hard to miss.

I have memory clipboards running on Windows and android but sometimes when browsing on the phone & not wanting to leave browser, use the site editpad.org to copy-paste multiple URLs & might end up writing notes too, then select all & copy too paste in note apps.



Posted by Paul Korm
Mar 12, 2018 at 08:20 PM


Chris, what I see when I look at this site on an iPhone is that the ad that normally appears in the green sidebar instead appears in the middle of a random posting.  (I.e, the ad appears to be part of Andy’s post, but I know that’s not the case.)

Chris Murtland wrote:
>However, if there is something offensive or the
>placement of ads is problematic, I can attempt to adjust the settings.


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