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CRIMP Defined




SheetPlanner 1.0

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Posted by cicerosc
Feb 3, 2018 at 11:27 AM


Those screenshots of a single pane outliner (with rich text?!) combined with columns are enough to make any ecco user drool.

Twenty years have gone by with so few people willing to supply the market with such a simple, effective tool!  [Yes I acknowledge that with much more effort than should be needed to hide superfluous stuff, I can wedge infoqube into focus in that configuration, but I believe that is pretty much my only current option for a single pane outliner with columns (?)]

But it will probably just prolong the torture of the Ecco refugee (like me) to see that this is Mac-only. 

If only I had a reliable quick and modern tool that would left me do my Ecco-like rich-text single pane outlines with columns, and paste them seamlessly into Microsoft Word and Outlook emails!


Posted by rogbar
Feb 3, 2018 at 07:21 PM


Sounds great Peter.

Also ... if I want an image in an item can I paste it in or is it just a link? And if it’s a copy, can I re-size it? (Ecco could, OmniOutliner can’t.)

SheetPlanner wrote:
>If you close the window hitting the red traffic light it closes the
>window and all its tabs. That state is remembered and yes when you
>reopen the document, the tabs state is restored.
> >Command W closes tabs, so you have to get used to not hitting command
>tab to close a document if you want the tab state maintained when you
>reopen the document.
> >The roadmap for 1.1 will be things like data entry helpers, (timestamps,
>serial numbers), picture column type, maybe a template browser and
>system notifications.
> >The long term roadmap is extensive, basically every feature you have
>ever wished for!!!
> >When we get 1.0 out, I will think more about releasing the roadmap.


Posted by SheetPlanner
Feb 3, 2018 at 08:02 PM


At launch you can link to any file in your file system.

Likely in 1.1 we will add a picture type column/field.



Posted by rogbar
Feb 3, 2018 at 08:28 PM


Ah. Does that mean that in 1.0 I could not copy and paste a .jpg into the outline either as an item by itself or as part of a text item?

SheetPlanner wrote:
>At launch you can link to any file in your file system.
> >Likely in 1.1 we will add a picture type column/field.
> >Thanks


Posted by SheetPlanner
Feb 3, 2018 at 08:48 PM


in 1.0 there is no Picture column type for storing jpegs etc, however there is a very robust rich text editor for row topic notes and you can paste pictures into a note.

We will plan to add Picture type columns for 1.1


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